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Raw Frozen Zero Grams Trans Fat Danish

  • Danish: Extra Large (4 oz.), Large (3 oz.), Medium (2 oz.), Small (1 oz.)
  • Danish Cheese Pockets: (3.50 oz.)
  • Butterhorn: Large (3.75 oz.)
  • Bear Claw: Large (3.50 oz.)
  • Figure 8: Large (3 oz.)
  • Raisin Danish: Large (3.75 oz.), Medium (2 oz.), Small (1 oz.)
  • Almond Filled Coffee Cake (16 oz.)
  • Danish Butter Dough: 2/15 lb. Slabs
  • Danish Margarine Dough: 2/15 lb. Slabs

The Danish represents another strong product line for Oven Fresh Bakery. As the croissant line, the danish line is well characterized by its freshness, rich flavor and second-to-none quality.

Bear claws and coffee cakes, which also fall under the Danish product line, seduce the customer with their excellent tasting filling made with almond paste.

The use of high quality zero grams trans fat margarine and top quality butter, in the case of special ordered Danish dough products, is the secret behind their rich flavor.

Baking Instructions

Baking InstructionsAll of Oven Fresh Bakery's products come with complete baking instructions making it easy for you to prepare and serve fresh and delicious pastries to your customers.

History of Oven Fresh

History of Oven Fresh BakeryBefore purchasing Oven Fresh, Jorge Alfonso started baking croissants in 1959 and became the Pastry Chef at the elite department store in San Francisco, The City of Paris.

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